Pathways of Patients

9 December 2016 – 23 April 2017

ALIVE: Art Between Life and Science features artwork inspired by the ground-breaking medical and scientific research being undertaken at the University of York.

Six artists were commissioned by the University of York’s Centre for Chronic Diseases and Disorders (C2D2) to produce the work, which highlights the powerful connection between art and science.

One of the artists is Jacob van der Beugel. Born in London in 1978, Jacob has studied the History of Art at York University and trained with Rupert Spira in 2002. He was then assistant to Edmund de Waal in 2003, and has since set up numerous Studios in England. Jacob currently resides in Devon, UK.

Jacob has collaborated with the Haematological Malignancy Research Network HMRC and the Epidemiology and Cancer Statistics Group ECSG based at York University to highlight certain aspects of haematological malignancies, commonly know as blood cancers.

This has culminated in an installation piece created from concrete and rust, utilising the metaphorical possibilities of concrete cancer.

Find out more about the ‘Pathways of Patients’ project here.

Further information about the University of York artist in residence programme can be found here.