CoCA Acquisitions – Loretta Braganza

Loretta Braganza completed a BA in English and Graphic Design at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai. After moving to York, she studied Sculpture and Ceramics at York College. She has been living and working in York for 20 years.

Braganza’s work can be seen in the public collections of Cartwright Hall in Bradford, Gallery Oldham in Greater Manchester, and the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead. She has work in the Duke of Devonshire’s collection and a number of other private collections.

Her work is grounded in her training in sculpture and consists of abstract forms which she hand builds and then decorates with coloured slips from an austere colour palette. Grouping of objects is important and relates to the choreography of Indian dance.

Of this piece she says; ‘The popularly named Twelve Apostles were inspired by the giant sea stacks along the Great Ocean Road, Australia – which are still evolving eroded by the elements. My hand-built sculptural forms are linked by deceptively simple textured slipware. Shapes are contemporary with unique surface decorations. Constant experimenting leads to unconventional techniques.’

The whole group was also the specific inspiration for a specially commissioned poem for her solo show, by the up and coming poet Rommi Smith and set to music by her own musicians. Her deeply moving performance resonated with the audience and added yet another public dimension to the visual appeal of the Twelve Apostles. Among her many accolades, Rommi is a Hedgebrook Writing Fellow and Poet in Residence for BBC Music Live (click here to visit Rommi’s website). Two videos to accompany the piece and performance have been produced (see below).