CoCA Acquisition – Rebecca Appleby

Rebecca Appleby studied at Batley School of Art and Design, West Yorkshire, and at the Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. She currently lives and works in Leeds. In her ceramic practice, she explores the unseen, overlooked or abandoned fabric of contemporary urban structures and decay.

The series ‘Random Order’ explores the concept of order, control and the antithesis; nature and organic expression. She is specifically interested in contrast and balance; conceptually, formally and as a surface. Formally, the vessels are constructed using slabs of clay with a particular focus on edges and joints.

The multi-layered marks used are symbolic of surfaces encountered in the natural and industrial urban landscape; lines, grids, numerical symbolism, and blocks of colour juxtapose with erratic, handwritten text and random, organic, spontaneous references.

The four pieces pictured are now in CoCA’s collection:

Top left – Fragmented Geometries YORAG: 2016.25
Top centre – Sketch For Disrupted Expectation YORAG : 2016.28
Top right – Disrupted Expectation YORAG : 2016.27
Bottom left – Fragmented Geometries Handling Piece YORAG : 2016.26