Sarah Villeneau

Artist/ workshop leader/ RD1st Coach for Visual Artists/ Artist Adviser/ consultant on the Sheffield Making Ways programme

Areas of specialist interest:

  • British studio ceramics
  • Sculpture
  • Design
  • Glazing
  • Handbuilt ceramics
  • Contemporary Ceramics (international)
  • European ceramics
  • Abstract ceramic artists – Gordon Baldwin, Gillian Lowndes, Ewan Hender-son, Rafa Perez
  • Workshop teaching


Sarah has been making ceramics for 30 plus years. From 1998 she worked predominantly in education and community settings, running workshops, training others to use creativity in the workplace and project managing large-scale community projects.

Sarah worked extensively for darts (Doncaster Community Arts) 1998 to 2014 and Creative Partnerships across South Yorkshire as Creative Agent and Creative Practitioner (2003 to 2011).

In 2009, Sarah set up Art of Interaction with a colleague, a community organisation using the arts to empower isolated and disenfranchised communities.

From 2012 to 2015 Sarah worked on the Arts Council funded Creative People and Places programme which involved exploring South Yorkshire’s thriving 18th Century ceramic tradition.

In 2014 I completed an MA in Studio Ceramics at Loughborough University which saw the development of a new body of work and the decision to concentrate on promoting my work through shows and galleries. Sarah received numerous funding awards from the Arts Council, AN The Artists Information Company, Humber Learing Consortium etc. She is chair of the Artist Advisory panel for Sheffield’s Culture Consortium working on an Ambition for Excellence in the Visual Arts programme. Sarah exhibits and attends shows up and down the country from Innovations in Ceramic Art, Ceramic Wales, Potfest in the Park as well as exhibiting in galleries – Discerning eye, Kellie Miller Gallery, Omega Stu-dio, Bircham Gallery, Staithes Gallery etc. Sarah is a member of Northern and Craft Potters Associations and Design Nation.