Richard Baxter

Full time ceramics maker and part-time occasional visiting curator.

Areas of specialist interest:

  • Ceramic musical instruments
  • Story of British Studio Pottery
  • Glaze colour
  • Researched Sam Haile in depth


I am 57, and have been a full time studio potter since graduating in 1981 from Loughborough with a BA in 3D Design-Ceramics. I have made at least 110,000 pots, my work has developed and I have honed practical skills in many areas of pottery knowledge. I have always kept up with what is going on in the field- reading every Ceramic Review and visiting shows. I have met many greats including Cardew, Rie, David Leach, Casson, de Trey, and many more.


  • Deep knowledge of making
  • Timeline knowledge
  • Speaking and writing in common English (not artspeak)


Based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.