June Raby (Dr)

Independent artist/writer.

Areas of specialist interest:

  • Cultural/ social/ ritual philosophy of making in clay.
  • Education and importance of using our hands.
  • The intelligence and thought generated through making.
  • Technical skill – especially hand building.
  • International connections through ceramics.
  • Integrated relationships of skill, research and creativity.
  • Encouraging connections between disciplines.


1st class Honours in 3D Design (Ceramics) University of Wolverhampton.

MA History of Design, Middlesex University.

MA Computer Imaging in Architecture  (software + video), Westminster University.

PhD (2015) – practice-based making and researching international cultural and philosophical relationships in ceramics (awarded without amendments).  Farnham UCA/ Brighton. Thesis title: Material, Memory, Metaphor – convergences of significance in the ceramic vessel.

Exhibited extensively, mainly as a sculptor – working with clay, drawing, metal.

Taught extensively – mainly foundation – Bournemouth, Chelsea, Bedford (in the studio) also Contextual Studies in a range of material based areas HND +BA+MA inc. Digital Communication.

Self-employed artist and designer. Through my experience of deliberately combining making/ research/ deep thought, I am even more convinced of its vital importance to our creative potential and wellbeing. The PhD demonstrated that writing and making are intimately wrought in our culture and creative access for all can bring enormous value to society, enhancing life, connectivity and understanding.


  • Hand building- wide range of craft skills in making soft and hard materials.
  • Writing.  Work published in a Sage Journal (2014), in Ceramic Review (2016), forthcoming in Studio Potter (USA).
  • Ceramics
  • Research/ integrative/ cross-disciplinary thinking.
  • Theory
  • Extensive experience teaching all levels.
  • Exhibiting/ logistics/ planning.
  • Drawing

Based in London.