Helen Birnbaum

Director of Treehouse Gallery, Skelmersdale, Lancashire and Ceramic artist

Areas of specialist interest: 

  • Sculptural ceramics
  • Ceramic sculpture with scientific and social emphasis


“What I love about clay is that it makes my ideas concrete. By exploring scientific ideas and mythologies I explore different aspects of our modern lives, and challenge our perception of the world by stimulating our imagination and providing new insights into modern life.  My work consists of different pieces, maybe human, animal or organic grouped around specific themes and meanings.  I am directly inspired by the 1960’s and my ceramics are full of spikes, spheres and geometric patterns of this influential time.

I was selected as the Ceramic Artist in residence at Liverpool Hope University in 2015 where I developed my distinctive approach to geometric form. This was after graduating with an MA in Ceramic Art and Design from the University of Central Lancashire. My thesis on public art is displayed in the National Gallery and in the National Library of Australia.

I am becoming increasingly involved with Scientific Art and I am an Advocate for the internationally known FACT Foundation for Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool. I am director of Treehouse a community arts’ centre in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.  I have extensive experience of running workshops in an employment setting, ceramics workshops for adults and secondary school children and have an Adult Learners certificate which enables me to teach adult literacy.”


  • Hand building
  • Mold making
  • Glaze making
  • Community art