Introducing Amanda Chambers

Find out about the work of ceramic artist Amanda Chambers.

My current project is exploring the possibilities of unfired and air-drying clay. Inspired initially by the destruction of Palmyra in 2015, the forms, which started with an architectural aim, have also taken on an organic and human quality.

This resonated with the idea that both architectural heritage and human lives could both be mourned in the event of war, and I became intrigued by the idea that ‘we are buildings and buildings are us’. This synergy between buildings and people became more apparent when I seemed unable to get the structures any higher than the height of a human being.

The present debate about whether we ‘re-create’ the lost sites at Palmyra, has also added an extra dimension to the work – the idea that we are in a constant state of flux between construction and destruction. This has been mirrored in the studio: the process of creating fragile works inevitably bound up with the experience of losing them.

The pieces range from 50cm – 200cm in height and are approx 1-2mm thick. They are made from air-drying clay and no hardener, fixing or other support structure is used. The work is available to view and will be on show at BV Open Studios in Bristol from 22 – 24 April 2016. I am also seeking collaborative partnerships to recreate the works in various settings.

Amanda’s work from 2015 ‘Quiet Revolutions’ is featured in Issue 279 of Ceramic Review.

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