British Ceramics Biennial Summer School

The British Ceramics Biennial proudly announces it’s third series of National Summer School workshops this year by offering a new programme of dynamic and challenging workshops taught by leaders within the field of contemporary ceramics. The National Summer School insists on injecting excitement and experimentation into your practice by working alongside artists that are internationally renowned.

The National Summer School workshops are aimed at supporting artists hoping to further develop or challenge their practice and including students, recent graduates and early career artists.

Please note, National Summer School workshop spaces are limited so book your space quick!

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National Summer School: Reimagining Tradition – Neil Brownsword
20th Aug – 24th Aug 2017

“Reimagining Tradition is exciting opportunity that allows you to channel new or established concepts through a series of experimental processes and material led enquiries which surround the notion of the mould, its use and adaptation using low and high tech equipment.

Join Neil Brownsword in exploring ideas unearthed during his recent V&A Residency, using reverse engineering as an approach to transform the tradition of the mould, inspiring ongoing work and encouraging accidents and mistakes as a creative tactic.”

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Embodied Clay – Helen Felcey and Priska Falin
9th July – 13th of July, 2018

“Clay permeates our existence, appearing in our lives hundreds of times a day. It’s under our feet, on our dining tables and in our streets.

Clay carries meaning, memory and identity for us all. But, can we strip that back, to become focused on a primordial, bodily or instinctive response to clay in our modern world?

Join Priska Falin and Helen Felcey in engaging in playful methods of working with clay, considering ‘pre-cognative’ engagement and highlighting the relational values of the material. This process will uncover new understandings of self and clay through experimental projects and discussions provoked.

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